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Your Personal File

I provide all my students with a personal folder that is accessible 24/7.

I put there all the pdf courses, the lessons after the courses, as well as many other resources.

Always updated, all documents can be downloaded and printed if you wish.

  • Course pdf: before each course, I the course pdf freely available for you to read and prepare at your convenience.


  • Lesson pdf: during each lesson, I clarify certain concepts, suggest vocabulary and expressions, correct certain sounds, you can find this document a few hours after your lesson on your personal folder.


  • Zoom link: this pdf allows you to never forget your personal link for your zoom lesson. You click and your computer connects itself.


  • Resources: I offer you a pdf of resources if you want to go further in the study of French.


  • Tables and lists: you can find in your personal folder all the tables and lists I have designed for my students.

Fond Personal File.jpg
mini lecon_1.jpg
mini cours_2.jpg
mini lecon_2.jpg
mini zoom.jpg
mini cours_1.jpg
mini ressources.jpg

cours 1.pdf

leçon 1.pdf

cours 2.pdf

leçon 2.pdf

lien zoom.pdf


table 1.pdf

liste verbe.pdf

liste mot.pdf

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