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Your 1st class

Why should you trust Classy French? How is Classy French different from all other online courses?

With Classy French, you are guaranteed to learn from a specialist tutor who has decided to put the human side above all else, no big company here, just you and I.

  • Day 1: You contact me by email. You tell me what kind of course you are looking for, when you are free and how many lessons per week you want. Don't plan too much, one or two hours per week is always better.


  • Day 2: I suggest several hours and we decide together when it’s suits you the best.


  • Day 3: Once you have confirmed, I send you the link to your personal file and several useful documents. Your first course is not very far now!


  • Day 4: Your first course has finally arrived. This course is a little bit special, it lasts only half an hour and it is free. If you are new to French, I offer you a discovery course, otherwise, I offer you a free assessment.


  • Day 5: I'll meet you for your next lesson, and so your journey begins.

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