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O. H.


I enjoy your teaching very much. You are very well prepared and send me excellent work to prepare for each class. You are really stretching me and I enjoy preparing the material. I think you are a very good teacher and I am learning a lot.

Best wishes.

B. K.


The teacher is very professional and friendly. Online classes are as enjoyable as face-to-face and provide an equally good learning opportunity, whilst at the same time allowing more flexibility.

E. G.


I took a few lessons with Matthieu to improve my French before going on a trip and it was excellent. He was quick to recognize my needs and how I could rapidly improve my French.

I had a really great time with him - he is friendly and his courses are adapted, fun and interesting. I highly recommend Matthieu if you want to learn French.

B. Z.


I decided to take a class and see for myself its quality. Matthieu is an excellent teacher, he has been able to make me speak from the first class even as a total beginner and apart from being a very introverted person.

Feel free to contact him ;)

C. G.


I liked the structure of the course which made it flow and the way of involving different people by asking them questions. I enjoyed taking distance learning courses with Matthieu. I recommend taking this course if you want to learn French.

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