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Intensive Semester

Classy French Academy offers 2 intensive classes per week. In small groups of no more than four students, the one-hour online classes encourage students to read, speak and introduce grammar progressively.

Each student receives a workbook before the start of the semester and has access to the PDF of the course before the lesson, as well as videos and audio tracks in their personal folder. In addition, each student is required to produce a text for the next lesson in order to develop their writing skills and use the concepts covered in class.

 Students will take DELF or TCF-type tests throughout the semester to better evaluate their weaknesses. Each twenty-six lesson requires a minimum of one hour's preparation with written production, which makes this semester particularly intensive. 

Workbook provided

  • A1 Level - Total beginner: Fall 2024

  • A1 Level - Intermediate beginner: Winter 2025

  • A1 Level - Advanced beginner: Summer 2025

  • A2 Level: upcoming

  • B1 Level: upcoming

  • B2 Level: upcoming

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£399 /Semester

$499 /Semester

449€ /Semester

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